Vale das Lobas


VALE DAS LOBAS involves the regeneration of biodiversity, revitalisation of community and the retoration of health. Well-being, discovery and biodiversity are all part of one integrated whole, and the link is the reconnection of humanity with nature.

Modern life, especially in urban areas, is stressful and we all need respite, recreation and renewal, in contact with the wisdom and power of nature.

Increasingly, it is not enough just to grab a break, or take a vacation. Many of us feel the need to review our life choices, and make changes towards living more sustainably, more in harmony with nature.

When we hear about extinctions and eco-system collapses, we know deep down that there is something deeply wrong with the current dominant lifestyle. We may be craving to learn more, or to take up some practices, to improve our own personal lives, and that of our family, so that we can contribute more to the solution, and less to the problem.

The transformation in society that is needed involves farming and ecology; building and the kind of living environments we are making; food and medicine, how we understand health and disease, both in the individual, and in the collective. VALE DAS LOBAS is working with all of these themes. We consider these matters to be one holistic challenge, and if you are concerned with any or all of these issues, you will find yourself “at home” in Vale das Lobas.

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The New Animism is a retelling of the ancient story, in which the Earth is alive with purpose and meaning, and all life is part of Nature.

We are the problem, but we can become the remedy..


We are gathering an amazing team of local craftsmen, engineers, artists, consultants and business experts to manifesting this wonderful vision.


Generations of ancestors have settled in this valley. This is a landscape of terraced gardens and forests with a history of inhabitants for at least 10,000 years.

Healing water and fertile lands


The people of Sobral Pichorro received the Vale das Lobas project with hospitality and kindness.

Reviving abandoned lands and revitalising the local economy. 


Low-impact sustainable building with local materials, including granite, cork, straw bales and earth.

Integrating ancestral wisdom with innovation