Vale das Lobas


VALE DAS LOBAS should be considered not solely as a nature tourism destination but as a program which is focused on reaching long-term sustainable goals with a positive impact on ecology, economy and community. Health, education, discovery and biodiversity are all part of one integrated whole, and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The link is reconnecting humanity with nature in all its aspects.

Modern life in urban areas is stressful and in response people of all ages and backgrounds seek re-connection with the wisdom and power of nature. There is a quiet revolution going on, of people throughout the world, who care deeply about Nature, and want to see a reversal of extinctions and eco-system collapses. Biodiversity is at the core of a transformation in agriculture, architecture, construction, nutrition and holistic medicine, and VALE DAS LOBAS will be a place where these groups can “come home.”

We are well under way in manifesting this vision. Click below and learn more about some key element of Vale das Lobas.