Beira Alta

The Vale das Lobas Nature Resort is situated in the Parish of Sobral Pichorro, Mata and Fuinhas, in the municipal district of Fornos de Algodres.  It lies between the castle towns of Linhares da Beira and Trancoso, on Grand Route 22, which is a network of nature trails and ancient caminhos.

Beira Alta includes the cities of Guarda and Viseu, and the highest mountains in Portugal: “Serra da Estrela,” with its ski resort at Torres, only 40 minutes away. Porto airport is 2 hours, and Lisbon is 3.5 hours by car or rail. The surfing beaches of Aveiro are 1.5 hour distance. Beira Alta is renowned for its traditional villages, artisanal production, unspoiled nature, pure air and fresh water.

  • Undisturbed nature and wilderness trails
  • Granite bouldering, mountain biking, endless hiking.
  • Ancient caminhos
  • Serra da Estrela
  • Mountain gastronomy – many surprises and delights!
  • Fornos de Algodres, Celorico da Beira, Trancoso, Mangualde, Guarda, Gouveia, and Viseu – all nearby.
  • Rail and bus links to Coimbra, Porto and Lisbon.

Here meet the wonderful open hearted community of Sobral Pichorro that received the Vale das Lobas project with hospitality and kindness. Gratitude to you all.

We met in the early morning to harvest the grapes. The day was full of songs and music, and of course, wine! After a three course lunch, we trod the grapes in the Teixeira’s lagar, and then more music, and songs, and of course, more wine…