Camping Park

In the Heart of Nature

The Olive Grove Camping Park will soon be a vibrant hive of activity for those seeking a deep immersion in Nature. Come and sleep under the stars, pitch your tent between the old olive trees or stay in one of our comfortable earth-build camping studios.

The Camping Park is situated in an ancient olive grove, close to the riverside restaurant, with spectacular views and surrounded by nature. There are   exciting nature trails in all directions, including Grande Rota 22, which makes it an ideal starting point for hiking or cycling trips in the Beira Alta region. The park will include a circular bath-house; a common area and kitchen; 6 luxury camping studios; and a reception building. With use of only local natural materials, including granite and straw bales, renewable energy systems and ecological water and waste management, this Camping Park will be a showcase of sustainable nature tourism.

This construction project began in June 2019, and it will be completed later this year. Gratitude for ingenuity and amazing stone masonry to our wonderful team of builders, including Bruno, Alexandro, Miguel, Tiago, Ricardo and his team, and Adelino Maximiano, Patricia Marques, and Arquitecta Vera Filipa Rocha.