Capela do Girões

A forgotten treasure


“Capela de Girões” was crafted in the 17th century, and it holds a unique place in the world of Portuguese sacred art. It was commissioned by Beltrão, who was a member of the Order of Santiago, and the iconography makes reference to arcane mysteries that were not sanctioned by the Catholic Church in that era. This exquisite chapel is a portal into an ancient past where the power of the feminine mystery is paramount, and in the restoration, we are honouring this rich ancestral past, which spans millennia, with the aim of providing spiritual inspiration to all, regardless of creed or denomination.

Amongst the thirty eight ceiling panels, this capela contains a sequence of  icons depicting the education of the child Jesus by the angels. This is very rare, and very exciting to have the opportunity to restore them.

Rui Araujo

Director, Capitellum

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