Experience the awe of Nature

Come and discover VALE DAS LOBAS nature & health sanctuary to heal, to learn and to reconnect with nature. We will offer a wide range of nature tourism experiences that will delight you. Feel rejuvenated after participating in a well-being program in the Nature Spa or relax by a camp fire under the stars after a day of hiking in the mountains.

It is part of the mission of VALE DAS LOBAS to create a truly sustainable nature resort. Visitors will be inspired and appreciate the use of low-impact ecological building and construction techniques with local material, like granite, cork, straw bales and earth. In addition there will be extensive use of sustainable energy, water and heating systems. Being one with nature at VALE DAS LOBAS goes beyond what visitors do outside. Also inside the buildings and facilities our visitors will feel they are in direct connection with the earth, the water and the sun.    

Construction is under way and by early 2021 all these facilities are open to visit, so click below and discover what is coming to be in Vale das Lobas.

A Bird’s Eye View of Nature Tourism Facilities

Sustainable tourism facilities surrounded by medicinal, botanical and vegetable gardens. Over 50ha of land, including Chestnut Forest, Olive Groves, River Meadows, and Orchards.