Regenerative Organic Agriculture

Our veggie gardens will supply produce for the restaurants, including winter salad vegetables, squashes, pumpkins, corn and rye. The botanical gardens will supply medicinal plants for the apothecary, for a range of soaps and body care products.

Beira Alta has many ancient olive groves and chestnut forests and we are working on the creation of a viable model to make sure these precious natural resources are fully managed, providing livelihoods and supporting the economic and ecological regeneration of the region.


We have more than 300 olive trees, of the black Galega variety. Our organic, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil will be served in the Nature Spa and restaurant, and it will also be an ingredient in our body care products.


There are many wonderful ways to prepare chestnuts. The flour is a delicious gluten free alternative for cakes, bread, soups and casseroles. Chestnut milk is creamy, smooth and naturally sweet.

Fruit Products

We will produce delicious and nutricious sugar and gluten-free fruit snacks made from cherry, plum, peach, apple, walnut, chestnut, hawthorn, orange, lemon, pear and madronho.

Natural medicine: 

Plant based products from wild and cultivated plants, including extracts, tinctures, attenuated natural remedies, creams, lotions, balms, soaps, shampoos, and home cleaning products, for the national and international markets.


Native American corn is often grown together with beans and field pumpkins, which helps to maintain soil quality. Corn is a staple, nutritious grain, that can be prepared in a variety of ways, including bread and tortillas. 

Vegetable garden

With more than one hectare of level riverside land dedicated to the production of vegetables, we will grow produce for the restaurants, including strawberries, winter salad vegetables, and a full range of culinary herbs.