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Olive oil has been the principal crop in this valley for many hundreds of years. We have more than 300 olive trees, of the black Galega variety, and we produce organic, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil full of the vitality of this ancient landscape. This delicious oil will be served in the Nature Spa and restaurant, and it will also be an ingredient in our body care products.


At Vale doas Lobas there are more than 12 hectares of chestnuts, in a beautiful unique mountain forest. There are many wonderful ways to prepare chestnuts. They can be ground into flour, which is a delicious gluten free alternative for cakes, bread, soups and casseroles. They can also be prepared as a milk, which is creamy, smooth and naturally sweet.


Native American corn is often grown with beans and field pumpkins, which helps to maintain biodiversity and improve soil composition. Corn is a staple, nutritious grain, and it can be prepared in a variety of ways, including bread or tortillas. Corn  tortillas will definitely be on the breakfast menu in Rota 22, served with free range eggs and vegetables from the gardens.

Production Barn

The Production Barn

The 25m x 12m production barn will be a multi purpose building. The  fruit harvests begin in June, and include cherries, plums, peaches and strawberries. In September comes the grape harvest, then walnuts, chestnuts in November and finally, in December, the olive harvest. Field crops include corn, rye, pumpkins and squashes. In the terraced gardens we grow medicinal plants for creating extracts, tinctures and attenuated natural remedies. In the vegetable gardens we will grow produce the Nature Spa and restaurant.

 All foods and natural medicines produced at Vale das Lobas are organic, free from chemicals, and grown with clean and fresh water.

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