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The vision of Vale das Lobas was born originally in dream time. But from the beginning, we were supported by a circle of guardians, without whom this project could not have been possible.

Over the past ten years, Guardians have come along just when they were needed, each bringing their own specific kind of support in the form of wise counsel, technical know-how, research, guidance, prayers, financial assistance and much more. In fact, Vale das Lobas is a team effort; on the one side we have our brilliant architects and engineers, builders and gardeners, and on the other side are our circle of Guardians. They give their time freely to provide a listening ear, to talk things through, and to provide practical support. The circle of Guardians is a community of service givers who recognise that the manifestation of Vale das Lobas is important in the bigger scheme of things.

“Becoming a Guardian of Vale das Lobas is an opportunity to make a difference.”

Role of a Guardian

A Guardian is an honorary position. It represents an acknowledgement of kinship with the aims of Vale das Lobas, and a desire to provide support in the process of manifestation. This support can come in a myriad of ways. You can choose how you would like to support the project. There is no obligation involved. Guardianship is carried out in the spirit of collaboration and celebration.

Our Guardians are valued friends and colleagues. Being involved in Vale das Lobas carries its own reward. However, a Guardian loan earns interest at 5% pa. If you choose to buy a property during the loan period, you will also receive a  discount of 10% of the sum loaned.

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Vale das Lobas is leading towards sustainable life on Earth.

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