Investment Opportunity

For a limited time only

To mark the beginning of the restoration of the Solar de Girões, and to express our gratitude to our subscribers and supporters, we are offering this time-limited investment opportunity, with a great interest rate and amazing rewards!

Guardian Loans


Loan Period – 3 years

Interest rate – 5%

Reward for loans up to €50,000

Weekend Well-Being Program in the Nature Spa Hotel for two, to the value of €750

Reward for loans of more than €50,000

One week Well-Being program in the Nature Spa Hotel for two, to the value of €2500


Invest in  Biodiversity, Health and Education. 

Well-Being Program 


Connect with the rhythms of nature,

 and listen to the wisdom of your soul!

 The well-being program provides the ideal conditions for navigating life’s changes and subtly supporting your reconnection with your self and with nature. The one-week program is a basic building block, and your experience will deepen the longer you stay and with return visits. The weekend module provides an opportunity for people with busy lives to have a deeply relaxing break.

Full Board Accommodation:

Luxury single or twin/double room, en suite bathroom, fast broadband. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, dinner.

 Essential elements

  • Nutrition – based on Ayurveda wisdom.
  • Homeopathy – Remedies to rebalance vital energy.
  • Herbalism – Plant supplements to revitalize the immune system.
  • Aqua-therapy – Natural mineral water treatments
  • “Healers Journey” – Deepening self-knowledge
  • Yoga & Movement – Help to create a supple body, mind and soul.

 Optional elements

  • Massage & bodywork therapies
  • Discovery through art 
  • Mindfulness – Bringing meditation into the everyday.
  • Guided nature walks
  • Archaeological visits – Neolithic, Roman, Moorish, and Christian sites.