Nature Spa Hotel

The Nature Spa Hotel is a lost treasure of the ancient world. The healing waters and aura of antiquity provide the perfect environment for relaxation, regeneration and inspiration.

It is set in a landscape of terraced gardens and forests, surrounded by neolithic temples and dolmens, Roman copper mines, relics of ancient Islam and early Christendom, providing an unbroken link to our ancestral past. 

The Nature Spa was constructed more than 400 years ago as the family home to a noble  dynasty. This beautiful and unique building will be restored with 23 bedrooms, a SPA, seminar and conference spaces, a restaurant, apothecary and botanical medicine gardens. The restoration will take  20 months, and we will be taking bookings to begin in Spring 2021.

Well-Being Programs

Connect with the rhythms of nature,

and listen to the wisdom of your soul!


The well-being programs will provide the ideal conditions for navigating life’s changes and subtly supporting your reconnection with your self and with nature. The one-week program is a basic building block, and your experience will deepen the longer you stay and with return visits.

 Full Board Accommodation:

Luxury single or twin/double room, en suite bathroom, fast broadband.

Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, dinner.


Essential elements

  • Nutrition – based on Ayurveda wisdom.
  • Homeopathy – Remedies to rebalance vital energy.
  • Herbalism – Plant supplements to revitalize the immune system.
  • Aqua-therapy – Natural mineral water treatments
  • “Healers Journey” – Deepening self-knowledge
  • Yoga & Movement – Help to create a supple body, mind and soul.

Optional elements

  • Massage & bodywork therapies
  • Discovery through art 
  • Mindfulness – Bringing meditation into the everyday.
  • Guided nature walks
  • Archaeological visits – Neolithic, Roman, Moorish, and Christian sites.