Vale das Lobas

Nature Spa


Nature Spa “Vale das Lobas”  is set in an ancient landscape of terraced gardens and forests that date back to pre-Roman times. The aura of antiquity is very present, and the healing waters that flows from the ancient water mines make this one of the lost treasures of the ancient world, with the natural power to provide rest, recuperation, regeneration, learning and celebration.

The Solar do Girões was constructed more than 400 years ago as the family home to the noble Beltrão dynasty. In 1948, the last in the Beltão line passed away, and the estate was bequeathed to The Diocese of Viseu, who used the house and lands as a Seminário.

The Muxagata valley was once home to a neolithic settlement, with temples and dolmens on the rocky outcrops. The Romans mined copper here, and they built a stone road into the valley. The region was part of the Islamic world from 8th to 11th centuries. The construction of the Church of Santo Cristo marked the arrival of Christendom, and for a millennium the valley has been under Christian rule. But whoever the Lords, the water mines have continued to flow, and subsistence farming has been the perennial lifestyle, in an unbroken link to the ancient past. The crops and the tools may have changed a little, but the ways of the land, with its cycles of planting and harvest, have remained the same.

This beautiful and unique building will be restored to become a Nature Spa with botanical medicine gardens, conference facilities, a restaurant and 23 bedrooms. The restoration will take approximately 18 months, and the site will be open to visitors from 2019.

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