The spiritual heart of Vale das Lobas

The Nature Spa Hotel is a lost treasure of the ancient world with healing waters and aura of antiquity which provide the perfect environment for relaxation, regeneration and inspiration. Come and stay in one of the 23 rooms and nourish yourself in the sacred spring waters starting Spring 2021.

The original building was constructed more than 400 years ago as the family home to a noble dynasty and was called Solar dos Girões. Now the transformation is underway, turning this manor house into a Nature Spa Hotel. Knowing the healing qualities of the natural spring water and with the right care and guidance, visitors can have truly transformational experiences. 

Well-Being Programs

Holistic programs designed to provide you with the ideal conditions to regain health. Ancient wisdom advises a period away from your everyday life, to reconnect with the rhythms of nature, and listen to the wisdom of your soul.

Nature Spa Retreats

A perfect “taster” of the atmosphere of this nature & health sanctuary. Discover a two-night experience and feel nourished by the sacred spring water which will subtly support a reconnection with your inner and outer nature.

Courses & Conferences

Leaders in their field will facilitate courses and conferences on Nutrition, Natural and Holistic Medicine, Yoga and Mindfulness, Spiritual Ecology, Arts & Crafts. Receive teachings and learn by experience on these and other topic


The medicinal and botanical gardens surrounding the Nature Spa Hotel will be producing the natural ingredients for the apothecary. Applying wide expertise in homeopathy and herbalism we can truly state that “Nature is the Remedy”.

Nature Spa Hotel Transformation