This message is part a progress report, and part an expression of gratitude. Vale das Lobas The story so far.... The full and detailed vision of Vale das Lobas was delivered directly to Lizzie and I when we stood for the fist time on the sacred mountain above the...

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Solar de Girões

The Solar do Girões was constructed more than 400 years ago as the family home to the noble Beltrão – Soveral dynasty. In those times, the lands were controlled by feudal lords, and subsistence farmers were in service to the land owners. That era is still...

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Compost You believe your inner feelings are a private realm Hidden from view Invisible Like an imaginary friend. But whatever is harboured deep within your heart Becomes your signature, Your imprint Your lasting scent. It is etched upon your face And leaks from your...

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Let them Eat Cake

The Evolution of Consciousness   We know that climate change is real and is already happening. For the countless species that have become extinguished, and the victims of floods, droughts and forest fires, the disaster is now. The climate crisis is driving home to us...

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Rota 22

  Yesterday the architecture project for Restaurante Rota 22 was approved in the Camara Municipal de Fornos de Algodres. This will be a very exciting reconstruction. The old olive mill has a footprint of 330m2, and it will be rebuilt on 2 levels, to include a...

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Spring in the gardens

Flowers, birds, butterflies, bees, wild herbs! The Medicine Gardens feel like a veritable paradise in spring time! And once we have restored the ancient water mines, it will be irrigated throughout the hot summer months as well!  ...

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Valley of the She-Wolves

Vale das Lobas means “Valley of the She-Wolves.” The wolf represents instinct, the spirit of wild nature, and a well-ordered community, where everyone has their role, and all are cared for. Vale das Lobas embodies the spirit of transformation, and the...

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Biodiversity Zones

Biodiversity Zones The Vale das Lobas Biodiversity Zones are the cornerstone of our strategy for ecological and economic regeneration. We have developed the following Regeneration Protocol in partnership with The Camara Municipal of Fornos de Algodres, The...

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Earth Physicians

In recent years, there have been many advances in our understanding of the state of health of Planet Earth. Early ecologists began with a cry into the void, but gradually awareness has widened, and with the active involvement of many researchers, the precariousness of...

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