Transforming an iconic 19th century olive mill into a vibrant restaurant

Historically this building was housing a granite olive mill powered by the Muxagata river. Now it will get a new purpose housing a restaurant. Come and let your taste buds cheer and enjoy healthy food prepared from home-grown ingredients.

The restaurant will be serving amazing salads, many vegetarian options, fresh fish, home made ice cream, pastries, and much more, on a foundation of good old fashioned Beira Alta hospitality. Many ingredients will come from our own regenerative organic farm, bringing all goodness from mother nature directly to the tables (Read more here)

We concentrate on creating the right conditions to retain moisture and to have a spongy soil in the place the seeds of wild trees and rustic fruit are going to put down their roots so that they can deepen correctly before summer. Forests managed with conscience.

Miguel Llorente

Agro-Ecology Specialist