Rota 22


The restaurant will be at the centre of Aldeia do Artesão, and provide a first base access to the Vale das Lobas resort. It will become known as a place where you can get great international food, amazing salads, many vegetarian options, fresh fish, home made ice cream, pastries, and much more, on a foundation of good old fashioned Beira Alta hospitality.


When you enter Restaurante Rota 22, you will be met by friendly staff, comfy chairs, great music, and an amazing menu of fresh local foods. You might drop in for a breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup, muesli with home made goats yoghurt, or a Full English Breakfast, and you may be tempted to come back for lunch, or possibly rent out a yurt and stay a few days.


Restaurante Rota 22 will feel like an adventure paradise. From here you can set off on a mountain bike, hike the trails, go horseback riding to Fraga da Pena or the Neolithic Dolmen at Cortiçó, visit the ancient gardens and chapel in the Vale das Lobas Nature Spa Hotel or spend a summer afternoon in the all-natural swimming pool in Aldeia do Artesão. Families will come for lunch, but decide to return and base their vacation break here.


Artisan Markets

There will be artisan markets at the weekend, where local artisans can set up a stall and sell their goods. This will provide a visitor attraction, and the visitors will also enjoy lunch, afternoon tea or an evening meal in the restaurant.

Festivals and Events

There will be creative arts, dance and music events throughout the year in the Aldeia do Artesão as a compliment to the well-being programmes in the Vale das Lobas Nature Spa Hotel. This programme of events will ensure that Vale das Lobas gains a reputation as a great place to bring the family and to have a beautiful experience in a natural setting. Restaurante Rota 22 will provide the catering for these events.


Schedule of festivals:

  • 1 February – Festival of Light
  • 21 March – Equinox
  • 1 May – Corn
  • 21 June – Solstice
  • 1 August – Fruit
  • 21 September – Equinox
  • 1 November – Magusto – Chestnut
  • 21 December – Olive Harvest

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