Sustainable Facilities around Nature Tourism

It is part of the mission of VALE DAS LOBAS to be sustainable including the use of low-impact ecological building with local materials, like granite, cork, straw bales and earth. 

Granite building balneario

Building with granite stone is a tradition seen widely in the Portuguese countryside but the craft of masons is slowly vanishing.

Beautiful stone masonry is made by our artisanal builders. Recycling old granite stones, they give them a new purpose, for example in building a circular bathhouse in the Camping Park

Compressed Earth Blocks

Earth has low embodied energy and is the ultimate “local material”.

Houses build with earth have a high thermal mass – they stay cool in the summer, and warm in the winter; they are organic – the walls breathe, and the air and moisture levels are perfect for living. CEBs create a durable and sustainable structure.

Straw Bales Building

Eco-friendly and energy efficient – there is nothing as calming and beautiful as a straw bale wall in a building.

The straw acts as a natural vapour permeable insulation that allows these buildings to breathe. Surprisingly, straw bale buildings have roughly three times the fire resistance of conventional buildings.

Biological Swimming Pool

Water from a variety of sources will be improved with biological filtration water treatment methods.

This involves taking naturally occurring bacteria and implementing the species in an advanced water filtration process. Rather than cleaning water with chemicals, the biological method naturally removes contaminants from water.

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