The Vision

Vale das Lobas means “Valley of the She-Wolves.”

The wolf represents the role of instinct and the restoration of health to our ailing eco-systems.

Our vision: Reconnecting Humanity with Nature, with Biodiversity, Health and Education.

Our Mission: Ecological and economic regeneration including agro-ecology, artisan crafts, natural building and natural medicine; integrating ancestral traditions with innovation; supporting biodiversity, reforestation and the sustainable use of resources; providing inspiration, education and healing.

Can you imagine a place where the air is clean, where our ancestors have farmed for centuries, using time honoured methods, where fresh spring water flows from ancient water mines, and where the only sounds to infiltrate your meditation are the occasional village church bells and Dona Maria José herding her goats?

That place is Vale das Lobas, and soon it will be home to a world class healing and retreat centre, “Nature Spa” providing rest and recuperation, courses and training, and intimate conferences, with full live streaming facilities. Restaurant Rota 22 will serve a range of international dishes, on a foundation of Beira Alta good old fashioined hospitality. The Camping Park will provide low cost accomodation in a high quality environment. Artisan Village is an amazing opportunity to buy a home in Vale das Lobas, and become part of this manifesting vision. 

Humanity is the source of the problem….

……but we are also the remedy…

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