Ancient Water Mines

A forgotten treasure

The terraced gardens of the Nature Spa were engineered so that every corner can be irrigated by gravity from the water mines.

Water is life: Rain water is slowly filtered  as it seeps into the clay and granite mountain, and collects in deep aquifers. The original farming community who lived and worked in this valley used extraordinary engineering skills to access this water source by building deep horizontal mine shafts, and to this day, the water flows at a steady and gradual rate throughout the year, and collects in gigantic granite deposits.

Water is medicine: Water flows in a natural cycle, from ocean, to clouds, to rain, to rivers and back to the seas. At times it may be locked in ice, perhaps for aeons, or it may become embodied inside crystals, or in organic life. In fact, we are predominantly water.

Plain old H2O?: In modern science, we currently think of water as an inert substance, no more than a medium. Yet, in all of its journeys – across the earth’s surface, into the stratosphere, rolling down streams into great rivers, under the earth’s surface, inside trees and plants, in every cell of life including within our human bodies, water is continually transmitting and receiving “information.”

Natural water, when it flows in rivers, carries vitality. It is the circulatory system of the earth, and it links the whole biosphere together as one connected organism. Water has the power to revitalise, not just through hydration, but also because it can impart this vital energy. it is the means by which the earth refreshes itself, each part realigns through the messages imparted by water. The Earth’s self-regulating homeostatic healing power is mediated by water.

Healing Waters: Throughout the world, and in all cultures, our ancestors sought the special healing powers of sacred water. The most powerful of these water sources were declared holy places, and the deity was considered to dwell there, and confer her blessings of compassion, release from suffering, and healing, through the water.

Take the Water: In Vale das Lobas, olives and chestnuts are grown and harvested as they were millennia ago; the air is clean; the earth has almost no pollution, and the nature spirits have never been banished by modern agriculture. And the water that flows from these anciant water mines provides a living link with our ancient past. Come and take the waters, and connect with the eternal wisdom of nature.

The Spa will be a natural pool filled with healing waters from the ancient water mines, warmed to 24C and filtered by tropical plants.

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