An invitation to enter as a participant in a beautiful regenerative visionary project called Vale das Lobas, here in Portugal… and no, you don’t need to live here . . . but you can..

Globally this is a moment that has us wanting to act with certainty, with commitment, and with direction that fully supports and aligns with what we would like to see and actualise in our futures.

What is the moment we refer to? It is this ‘now’ moment of outward instability and volatility with regards to the global changes around finances, governance, crumbling and quaking corporate and social structures and loss of faith in word and deed of those who we had once, albeit blindly, looked to for guidance.

We, Gabriella and Heather, brought ourselves towards this moment some years ago by loosening the tethers that kept us bound to former securities like jobs, pensions and insurances, and followed our own internal tides and call to live more fully aligned with our own natures. As with the forging and playing of our sounding instruments we continue to tune ourselves from the heart, the hand and the ear and make continual adjustments where necessary.

We realised that we only wished to bring our energies towards that which truly does no harm, that is founded on the actions and principles of love and respect for all lives and is in tune with the fundamental guiding hand and heart of care for Earth, our home planet and most precious source of nourishment in infinite ways. It involved moving from a money first way of acting and being to a care first way of living that includes money as a creative partner rather than decider or dictator in our lives. The shift has been liberating in all ways and has included the real encounter with money that allows us to ‘relax’ and allow money to assist and provide, open windows and doors to enable possibility to be given shape and form in the material landscapes of our time.  In effect it assists us to sculpt some of what we’d like to see take shape in the world and for the future! (Writing this sentence brings a smile to my face as I realise the truth of the words stringing themselves together!)

So, coming right back to the Now and the Why, it is to invite you to consider bringing your energy and support to the co-creation of Vale das Lobas, an extensive rural eco-restoration and regeneration vision that has earned the respect of the local community, and support from the Portuguese and the European authorities. Vale das Lobas was born out of a living dream some thirteen years ago and is now coming to fruition through care filled and finely tuned sculpting. We have been touched and encouraged by our engagement with this project, through friendship and guardianship, and when it opens next year, we will contribute with our workshops, sound, forge alchemy and instruments.

Vale das Lobas is offering the beautiful realisation and expression of care and wellbeing in our new Earth. To reach its fulfilment, a final birthing push is now required, and this will be done by stepping out of the old paradigm, with the co-creation of a new model of “community ownership.”

We ‘see’ a powerful potential for money to be re-directed away from the shallow grave of uncertainty and doubt, as it lingers and wilts away in a deposit fund or tax haven, vault or pension fund, and is left to corporations and governments to decide or control its capacity to create … a difference.

This campaign is now open to receive your support and participation in the final stage of development of Vale das Lobas, to enable this project to offer its gifts and service to the New Earth.

We would very much welcome your questions and interest as much as we would welcome having you standing alongside us as we bring our energies towards this beautiful project.

Click the link below to find out more about this beautiful opportunity.


Sacred Earth is a community initiative, formed to gather investments for regenerative projects for the New Earth, including Vale das Lobas. Any like-minded individual or organisation can join this investment community and  buy shares in Sacred Earth.

Heather Cowen is a musician, sound weaver, instrument maker and part of Resounding Earth with Gabriella Kapfer. We would welcome having you stand alongside us as we bring our support and energies towards this evolutionary regenerative project.