Capela do Girões

Home of the Angels

The chapel in the Nature Spa was crafted in the 17th century, and it holds a unique place in the world of Portuguese sacred art. It was commissioned by the Beltrão family, who were connected with the Order of Santiago. The beautiful iconography, delicately painted on 38 chestnut panels, makes reference to arcane mysteries.

In the past decades, it fell into disrepair, but now the full restoration is underway. “Capitellum” from Braga, who are seasoned experts in sacred art, are performing the delicate work of restoration. The chapel forms part of the Nature Spa, and it will provide spiritual inspiration to all, regardless of creed or denomination.

Once restored, The Bishop of Viseu has agreed to reconsecrate this chapel and we believe it should be dedicated to Mary Magdalene, in honour of the sacred feminine, and the need to restore balance on the Earth.

Amongst the thirty eight ceiling panels, this capela contains a sequence of  icons depicting the education of the child Jesus by the angels. This is very rare, and very exciting to have the opportunity to restore them.

Rui Araújo

Director, Capitellum


If you would like to support this project with a one-off or a monthly sum, your donation will go towards the forest restoration or the chapel restoration fund.