The bond between dogs and humans is one of the oldest and most historical relationships we can personally know. It is said that they are the wolves that chose and were chosen to live with us, before we even started planting crops. We are uniquely adapted to each other – we can read them, and they can read us. One example is the dog’s ability to follow our human gaze: just from looking at our eyes, they know where our attention is, stepping into our perspective.

This bond means that there are few things that can bring out such raw emotions from a person as a dog, and here in the valley we have many four-legged companions around. This is a place to make friends (furry and naked). It is very suiting, for this is the Valley of the (She) Wolves. Oreo and Bobby, for example, follow us on our walks, cuddle us when we do office work, supervise the building. I can tell you that my day is better when they decide to visit. Must be love.