Restaurante Lagar da Ribeira 

Spring flowers are popping up in the meadows around Muxagata river and at the same time we see a beautiful building arising. Join our excitement as we are reaching the highest point of the Restaurante Lagar da Ribeira with astonishing walls erected out of Compressed Earth Blocks and granite stones.

You will be thrilled to hear about the surprises we found when we started renovating this iconic mill. Hidden under the rubble we found old granite mill stones that were serving this ancient olive mill, Lagar da Ribeira. These old stones are reminding us how for centuries our ancestors used the streaming water to process their crops. They help us not to forget we are gratified by these lands with olive oil and bread. When you come for lunch or a coffee in the Restaurante Lagar da Ribeira you will find them in our small museum, carefully displayed for young and old to admire.

At a pondering pace and with exquisite craftmanship our builders are working towards completion of our Restaurante Lagar da Ribeira. Have a peek at our Restaurant page and get ready for the summer as we will be opening soon.

Camping Park

Cheered by the chirping birds in dozens of olive trees, our stone masons are doing a marvelous job. Observe and admire their artistic mastery in the Camping Park, manifested in the circular Bath House build out of re-cycled granite. With a view of the mountains of the Serra da Estrela and designed in perfect symmetry, this Yin Yang building simply takes your breath away. 

You will be excited to hear that we have started with the foundations of our deluxe glamping units. These units will be made of super adobe, another example of innovation coupled with ancestral traditions of building with earth. This is great news for those of you who can´t carry a tent but still want to stay at our Camping Park. You can enjoy the absolute privilege of sleeping in a hobbit-home of earth, and that means comfort.

By this summer you can come to sleep under the stars, pitch your tent between the old olive trees or respite in one of our hobbit-houses. Take a look at our Camping Park page for more beatifull pictures of it!

Nature Spa Hotel

Vital and pure water is streaming down the hill around the Solar do Girões, nourishing and cleansing the land and its people. The natural flow of water is a prime element in the design of the Nature Spa Hotel, the spiritual heart of Vale das Lobas. You will be amazed, witnessing the transformation of this 17th century manor house, soon becoming a beacon for health and regeneration.

The construction project of the Nature Spa Hotel is spectacular by itself. A delicate operation was started in the summer of last year with strengthening and repairing some of the 400-year old granite walls. Today, the walls are strong again and these granite stones will be soon be rendered and painted, but just imagine for a moment that you could listen to all their stories; of all the people they have seen passing and all the celebrations they have witnessed.

Earlier this year we started with the excavations for the swimming pool. Revolutionary, as this will be an indoor natural pool, filtered by plants in a subtropical micro-climate. Fueled by the ancient water mines from the forest mountain, these baths will be filled with healing waters. You will feel rejuvenated and cleansed after bathing in this spa.

It is an inspiration to all, seeing this patrimonial building come back to life again. By Spring 2021 we will have the Grand Opening of the Nature Spa Hotel. So keep an eye on Nature Spa Hotel page and follow all the progress of the construction!