This message is part a progress report, and part an expression of gratitude.

Vale das Lobas

The story so far….

The full and detailed vision of Vale das Lobas was delivered directly to Lizzie and I when we stood for the fist time on the sacred mountain above the Seminário in February 2009. As a result of what we were told in words, saw in images and dreams, and heard in song, we entered a sacred pact to deliver what I at first called The Korashan Centre for Spiritual Ecology, to provide residential experiences for visitors that will support the transformation that is needed on Earth.

In that detailed vision, besides the centre itself, there were homes for families who can work in service to the Korashan vision, scope for outside helpers to provide services within the health and education programs, and roles for interns, in agro-ecology, natural construction and natural medicine, so that trainees, apprentices and other journeymen and woman can exchange their skill base within Korashan, as in the times of old.

We named our company, our first website and our association “Korashan.” It is derived as an anagram of Noah’s Ark, and it was created to subtly convey the importance of: thinking globally whilst acting locally, and the spiritual dimension of the challenges to global security that we all now face.

In 2012, we changed the name of the project to Vale das Lobas, but we retained the structures of Korashan, which represents the sacred heart of our vision and mission. We knew the time for Korashan would eventually reveal itself.

Over these past nine years, we have been diligently stitching together the nets, and establishing the framework, so that this vision of hope can be heard and felt widely. At times, we faced challenges from other people with different agendas, and we were forced to fire fight and defend our vision on a number of occasions. We had no prior experience of manifesting a vision of this order, and the material structures that are needed, included companies and other legal entities, and processes, including planning and engineering, subsidy applications, legal contracts for providing and hiring services, were all-consuming, and have been my full time occupation for almost the whole of the last nine years.

It is nine years to the day that we received this massive vision, and it is my pleasure to be able to inform you that one phase of this task is now successfully completed and Vale das Lobas/Korashan is on the verge of a completely new dawn. All the structures, including planning permissions, that are required to legally build the village have now been secured. In other words, we are good to go!

And we could not have done it without you! Many of you who are receiving this message have helped in an invaluable way, by volunteering, by providing support, encouragement or prayer. And we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you all…

Thank you….

Artisan Village

Artisan Village – now has full planning permission for construction.

  • 27 eco-dwellings designed for comfort, elegance and efficiency
  • Built from natural materials
  • In a nature park setting of lakes and orchard gardens.
  • Recreation zone, with nature pool.
  • Fibre optic ethernet connections.
Nature Spa

Nature Spa Hotel – now has full planning permission for construction

  • 17th century manor house
  • Iconic chapel
  • 15 hectares of forests and gardens
  • 23 bedrooms
  • Seminar rooms
  • Conference suite with live stream
  • Bem Estar Programs
  • Courses in Holistic Medicine
  • Boticário
  • Application for financial support from the EU.
Camping Park

Camping Park – now has full planning permission for construction

  • Spectacular  solar-thermal shower building
  • Straw-bale “hang out zone”
  • Traditional granite reception building
  • Log-pods for luxury camping.
  • Application for financial support from the EU.
"Rota 22"

Restaurant – now has full planning permission for construction

  • River mill to be restored as a public restaurant
  • Lounge, meeting point, social venue, coffee bar, restaurant and function space
  • 600m2 over two floors.
  • Full of beautiful textures
  • Amazing views.
  • Application for financial support from the EU.

Please get in touch to share your inspiration with us or to find out more about the opportunities for getting involved in Vale das Lobas.

We would love to hear from you.


Tony Conway