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The Vale das Lobas community is made of a core team that branches out into several areas of work, into the local villagers and families, and into a widespread and trans-national network.

As more of our spaces are completed and open to receive visitors, more of our areas of work get activated, and our team also increases. We aim to gather a community of people with expertise, willingness, passion, curious souls who want to align their work with their values. People who feel the call to live in a beautiful rural landscape and contribute to its regeneration, here in Sobral Pichorro, Guarda. People who want to work towards a healthy, sustainable and peaceful world.

Here you can keep an eye out for the job openings that we need at the moment. At the same time, if you have a suggestion of a contribution to our mission, feel free to contact us.

Head Chef

We are looking for a head chef to lead the restaurant sector of a Nature tourism project in Sobral Pichorro, Guarda district.
The ideal chef is passionate about real food, locally sourced, organically grown, and will have knowledge of the diversity of cooking styles from the rich palette of European traditions. They will be able to manage a dynamic team in a Nature tourism environment, with one comercial restaurant and one hotel restaurant in a farm-to-table system, and will also provide catering for festivals and events, including street food.
Must be comfortable working with products of animal origin, and background experience in the tourism sector and in food preservation is appreciated.
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Agroforestry Team Leader

Korashan, Lda, part of the Vale das Lobas Group, is recruiting an Agroforestry Team Leader to join the team.

The agroforestry program involves the restoration of a 15-hectare chestnut forest that has suffered fires in recent years, the development of forest gardens, the management of plantations of olives and walnuts, the development of tree nurseries for organic tree stocks, and the management of vegetable gardens, to provide produce for the restaurants. 

The Agroforestry Team Leader is responsible for daily and weekly planning of activities within the farm. Instructing and motivating team members is part of the daily routine. The ideal candidate has prior working experience in regenerative agriculture, forest gardening and general forestry, and has a working knowledge of biodynamic farming.

Experience with operating a tractor and use of power tools is highly appreciated.

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HR and Admin Manager

Vale das Lobas is recruiting a Human Resources and Administration Manager to join the management team.

The ideal candidate has experience with employment regulations in Portugal and knowledge of government incentive programs, especially for the interior of country. Vale das Lobas is a start-up company with immense growth potential, aiming to create and manage a strong team with emphasis on local employment and encouraging the return of original migrants. The HR & Admin Manager is mainly responsible for Recruitment, Team Building, Training and assigning the right person for the right job. As a key member of the management team, this role plays an important part in shaping and maintaining the organizational culture.

The HR and Admin Manager will be able to manage a team providing administrative support to the operations of all companies in the Vale das Lobas Group, active in tourism, agriculture and property development.

Background experience in hospitality is appreciated.

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