With the end of 2020, also comes an ending and new beginning here at Vale das Lobas. The Restaurant “Lagar da Ribeira” has been transformed from a derelict, almost forgotten Olive Mill, as seen in the header picture, into a beautiful restaurant building.

In the past 16 months, there were many who helped with this extraordinary reconstruction. When it bagan in July 2019, we quickly realised that the existing stone walls needed firmer foundations than previously envisaged, and the floor level would need to be lifted by 60 cm, to avoid flood damage in severe winter weather. These challenges did not deter our valliant construction warriors, and in no time the building was carefully stripped back and the works advanced with a steady hand.

Now the main structure is finished, and what follows is the finishing and equipment. A huge thank you to Hugo Amaral and his team for the amazing job that they have done, and big welcome to Maximiano e Pires, and the team from Sobral Pichorro, to add their magic touch to this exquisite building.

It is time to hire the chef!