On Saturday July 10th, 2021 we opened our doors and welcomed you on our first OPEN MORNING.

We wanted to meet our friends, the local community, the youngest and the eldest of the villages and towns and cities around Vale das Lobas and beyond. And to introduce ourselves as well. We wanted to take a walk with you around the what we are building - the veggie garden, the camping park, the restaurant, spaces to gather Nature and community - to hang out, listen to your Histories and share what we have, including a snack prepared with love.

And we did this and more. We couldn’t have had a better morning, full of beautiful faces and happiness and sharing. And we know it was the first of many.

We have to extend a special thank you to the local producers who supplied the first ever meal in our restaurant Lagar da Ribeira! Besides the vegetables and fruits that will come from our garden, we want to serve traditional and local delicacies in our restaurant, and invite the producers of the region to sell their art - food and not only - in our Artisan Market, which we will regularly at Vale das Lobas.

On the table we had sheep requeijão (kind of cottage cheese) and cheese from Maria de Lurdes in Fuínhas, rye bread and corn bread from the Nova Estrela da Beira bakery in Maceira, salty pastries and biscuits from Delícia das Beiras bread and pastry makers and smoked sausages from Fumeiro D’Amaral, both in Fornos de Algodres. From Sobral Pichorro we had a pineapple cake and smoked meat bread from Sr. Manuel, a gorgeous welcome cake from dona Júlia. Ana Maria and her mother Júlia baked biscoitos (kind of muffin), filhoses (a deep fried pastry) and olive oil bread, as well as supplying tables and table ware. We adore them.

On decorations and preparations we had Zézita, elder villager of Sobral Pichorro and a friend of ours and of the project, holding a special place in our hearts. She also gave us a cheese that she made together with her Chibinha, the goat she walks on a leash. Fertiles lands in good food and good people.