Sobral Pichorro is a village placed in the valley of Muxagata, surrounded by the villages of Fuinhas, Mata, Maceira and Aldeia Nova, and by the natural and historical monuments of Fraga da Pena and Castro de Santiago. It is part of the municipality of Fornos de Algodres, in the foothills of Serra da Estrela, and it has about 80 inhabitants. Many of them are elderly people, over 80-years-old.

The Daycare Centre of the village, which is run by ALASP (Association for the League of Friends of Sobral Pichorro), is made up of the most loving people, that every day are in charge of cooking the meals for the older inhabitants, delivering them to their homes, cleaning the house and caring for the elderly. They are just a handful of female employees that do it, and many times they are the only people that the elderly sees all day, day after day. It is the reality of abandoned inland and generation, but courageously kept by those that stay for the love of the land, with all that she has.

This is a small tribute to Ana Maria and Isabel who talked with me, to the other strong women and everyone in the association that provide this indispensable service, and to the wonderful elderly that make this village and this valley an oasis, carrying they history with them.

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