thirteen moons

Training for Life

Natural Building | Natural Farming | Natural Medicine

This is a full time one-year program, in ongoing and new projects – on the farm, on construction sites, in the apothecary. Each of the thirteen moons is a module of the training, involving both field and workshop activity. This program is a life training which imparts an integrated, holistic understanding. As such, a strong element of the program is personal development, and involves introspection and self-awareness.

13 Moons

New Moons 2024
Imbolc Moon 11 January
Worm Moon 9 February
Spring Equinox Moon 10 March
Beltaine Moon 8 April
Flower Moon 8 May
Solstice Moon 6 June
Lammas Moon 5  July
Buck Moon 4  August
Autumn Equinox Moon 3  September
Harvest Moon 2 October
Samhain Moon 1  November
Solstice Moon 1 December
Wolf Moon 30 December



A detailed study of the elements, the seasons and the directions, to gain awareness of the unfolding cycle that permeates Nature at all levels.

Air Earth Water Fire
Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Flower Root Leaf Seed
East South West North
Illumination Innocence Introspection Wisdom
Eagle Mouse Salmon Wolf
Initiation Expansion Return Contraction
Thinking Sensation Feeling Instinct

Personal practice

Balancing Mind and Heart

Transcending polarity to create harmony

Inner Compass

Following intuition, instinct and synchronicities

Becoming Present

Honouring the past, living in the present, embracing the future

Integrated Consciousness

A non-judgmental state of being


Spirit into Matter, Matter into Spirit

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