Vale das Lobas means “Valley of the She-Wolves.” The wolf represents instinct, the spirit of wild nature, and a well-ordered community, where everyone has their role, and all are cared for. Vale das Lobas embodies the spirit of transformation, and the inspiration to establish the world that we want to see for our children and grandchildren.

A new paradigm is emerging, one that recognises and holds precious the rights of the natural world. It will be informed by the living memory of ancestral wisdom and coupled with insights from spiritual and scientific research. The new perspective will be more integrative, with our needs embedded within a planetary framework; rather than consumers, we are all participants in a Living Earth.

Vale das Lobas Association is a seedbed for research and actions into living in balance with nature – including the support of bio-diversity, nature conservation, reforestation, water harvesting, traditional artisan crafts, natural medicine, low impact dwelling, renewable energy, regenerative food production, and integrative living. As a living model, we will advance solutions in the spirit of experimentation and discovery.

 Vision Statement

Reconnecting Humanity and Nature, with Biodiversity, Health and Education.

Mission Statement

Ecological and economic regeneration including agro-ecology, artisan crafts, natural building and natural medicine; integrating ancestral traditions with innovation; supporting biodiversity, reforestation and the sustainable use of resources; providing inspiration, education and healing.

 Aims and Objectives

  • Gather individuals and organisations to serve this mission;
  • Rural Regeneration, integrating with the local community.
  • Biodiversity Zones – for rural regeneration.
  • Restoring balance and health – people and planet;
  • Food sovereignty using agro-ecology principles;
  • Clean rivers, reforestation, water harvesting, soil regeneration;
  • Research and innovation;
  • Publish media;
  • Provide education
  • Provide a forum for multi-faith spirituality and peace;
  • Equality and diversity;
  • Strive towards Peace on Earth;
  • Fundraising to serve the mission;
  • Support others in alignment with the vision;
  • Be a voice for the rights of the natural world.