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The Healing Retreats in the Nature Spa at Vale das Lobas are for one to four weeks, and during your stay, you will experience a deep connection with the source of inspiration, which will activate your own inner wisdom, and help you to navigate towards true and lasting health.


Sacred Earth, Lda holds shares in Vale das Lobas, Lda. Here is an investment opportunity for people who want to make a difference with their money, and be part of the solution.


Thirteen Moons

For the past ten years, we have been developing ways of accelerating soil health, to revitalise soil ecology, improve biodiversity, and in turn create more food sovereignty and food security. One of the outcomes of this research is a soil enhancing medicine, called Thirteen Moons, and it is now...

Planting by the Moon

Planting by the Moon   We are in the first planting moon here in Portugal, which corresponds to the ancient rites of Imbolc, which is the lunar ceremony during this moon. In the contemporary era, it is marked on 1st February, but the lunar ceremonies are not on the same day every year, unlike...

Compressed Earth Blocks

Unearthing the Benefits of Compressed Earth Blocks: A Sustainable Building Solution In the quest for sustainable and eco-friendly construction, one ancient building material is making a remarkable comeback: Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs). These blocks, made from locally sourced soil, offer a...

Together we are Stronger

Greetings from Vale das Lobas, a valley in the highlands of Portugal, where we are creating a nature and health sanctuary to touch the heart and inspire the soul. It began as a dream in 2006, and lead to a quest. In the dream was a river valley, above 400m, with no industrial farming, with ancient...

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