Vale das Lobas

Well-Being ◦ Discovery ◦ Biodiversity


A valley at over 400m altitude, with clean air, natural springs, and traditional farming. Where the only sounds to break your meditation are the trickling of water and the buzzing of bees. With sacred sites from the neolithic era, water mines that come from the time before time, ancient olive trees, and an unbroken history of natural farming. A place which will subtly support your reconnection with yourself and with Nature.

Nature Spa

The heart of Vale das Lobas


Lagar da Ribeira

Biodiversity Park

Nature and Health Sanctuary

Camping Park

Nature Discovery

Regenerative Agriculture

Natural Farming

Artisan Village

Eco-homes in Nature

Organic Christmas Market

Restaurante Lagar da Ribeira – Sobral Pichorro

18/12 de 10h00 – 13h00

19/12 – 23/12  de 09h00 – 17h00

Come and buy organic vegetables and produce from the farm at Vale das Lobas. Make your own X-mas hamper with delicious products from this land.


Sacred Earth is a community initiative, formed to gather investments for regenerative projects for the New Earth, including Vale das Lobas. Any like-minded individual or organisation can join this investment community and  buy shares in Sacred Earth.


Lagar Restaurant

As we neared the restaurant, fate met us on our way, taking the shape of José da Cruz and Joaquim, two villagers born and raised in Sobral Pichorro. And so, we had the most incredible guided tour of the building, for Joaquim the lagar where his dad worked all his life, and he as well during adolescence. For Zé da Cruz, a trip to his childhood days, in a reality which we, born close to the new millennium, almost won’t believe to be true.


If you would like to support this project with a one-off or a monthly sum, your donation will go towards the forest restoration or the chapel restoration fund.