Welcome to Vale das Lobas

Well-Being ◦ Discovery ◦ Biodiversity


A valley at over 400m altitude, with clean air, natural springs, and traditional farming. Where the only sounds to break your meditation are the trickling of water and the buzzing of bees. With sacred sites from the neolithic era, water mines that come from the time before time, ancient olive trees, and an unbroken history of natural farming. A place which will subtly support your reconnection with yourself and with Nature.

Just being here is revitalising,

remembering that we are one with Nature

Immense gratitude to all our supporters, 1143 investors and the team of GoParity. We have closed our crowdlending campaign and raised a staggering €125k. The funds will be used to complete the development of our nature & health sanctuary as we work towards the opening. Obrigado!!!

Nature Spa

The heart of Vale das Lobas

Camping Park

Nature Discovery


Lagar da Ribeira

Regenerative Agriculture

Natural Farming

Biodiversity Park

Nature and Health Sanctuary

Artisan Village

Eco-homes in Nature


The Circle of Guardians is a community aligned with the mission of Vale das Lobas.

A Guardian is an honorary role. It is an acknowledgement of alignment and a desire to be involved, providing invaluable support and service, and receiving many benefits in appreciation.