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The Dark Forest

Willow lived with her father and mother on the northern edge of a dark forest, so vast that it was said that no-one knew the extent of it. When she was small, she played in the meadow close to her home.  As she grew older, she accompanied...

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Two Dragons

When Vortigern decided to build his castle in the Black Mountains, he commissioned the best stonemasons and carpenters and gathered all the materials needed for its construction. The work proceeded well, and the moat, outer walls, and...

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Bringing In the Dream

An invitation to enter as a participant in a beautiful regenerative visionary project called Vale das Lobas, here in Portugal… and no, you don’t need to live here . . . but you can.. Globally this is a moment that has us wanting to act...

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Together we are Stronger

Greetings from Vale das Lobas, a valley in the highlands of Portugal, where we are creating a nature and health sanctuary to touch the heart and inspire the soul. It began as a dream in 2006, and lead to a quest. In the dream was a river...

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Nature Spa Experience

Each of us has a story. It begins with the precious gift of life, a limitless, unbounded self, and a sense of wonderment, grace and magic. From this origin at birth, we begin the journey of emergence, which necessitates a separation and...

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Once Upon a Time..... ...there was a valley high in the Beira Alta region, in the foothills of the Serra de Estrela range, the highest mountains in Portugal, and it was known as Vale das Lobas. It is at the eastern edge of the Dão wine...

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