For the past ten years, we have been developing ways of accelerating soil health, to revitalise soil ecology, improve biodiversity, and in turn create more food sovereignty and food security. One of the outcomes of this research is a soil enhancing medicine, called Thirteen Moons, and it is now ready for use. It contains more than 300 ingredients, directly from the region, and it works by activating and animating the micro-biome that lives within the soil. 

The biological life is the key to healthy soil, and healthy soil means healthy plants. This is a fundamental principal of organic and regenerative agriculture, and the Thirteen Moons works alongside the more established practices, such as compost making, mulching, ground cover crops, crop rotation, and no till cultivation.

How is it made?

The preparation is made during the course of thirteen lunar cycles, which is just a little more than one full year. At the start of the lunar cycle, on the new moon, the plants that will be introduced into the medicine are collected. This process is conducted in an attentive and relaxed state of mind, rather like a meditation. The collection teams are practicing subtle perception, which allows them to feel more directly connected with nature. We might know that we are part of nature intellectually, as this is a kind of tautology, but can we actually feel and experience ourselves as part of nature? This is the invitation of this type of practice.

As we transition through the cycle of the year, the conditions change, and new plants are triggered to germinate and grow. The practice of working with The Thirteen Moons also provides a method for developing awareness about the dynamis of nature. No plants are excluded, although the collectors are encouraged to follow their Inner Compass, or instinct, in making the selections, and choosing which part of the plant to include. The collection is conducted in an atmosphere of respect and gratitude. We ask permission before taking a plant, we convey that we will use the plant to create a medicine to enhance the health of the soil, and we express our appreciation for the gift of life.

Once the plants are collected, fresh spring water is poured into the bucket. In our case, this water comes directly from the Muxagata river, which runs through our property. The spring is about 7km upstream, and the water is fresh and very pure. The liquid in the bucket is then rotated in an anticlockwise direction, using a wooden rod, to create a vortex. 

The vortex is important, and it is one of the least understood elements in this preparation. In the scientific era, we have come to view water as inert, and being mainly a courier. When it comes to cell nutrition, in animal and plant life, we are still taught in established science that the water is used to transport the other more active ingredients.  This is because the scientific community was, for many years, fixated on the molecular and material composition of water. In our ancestral traditions, however, water was understood as the lifeblood of the Earth itself. 

Water in a natural setting is responsive to the Earth’s magnetic field. When it flows down a sink-hole in the northern hemisphere, it flows in a counter-clockwise direction, and in the southern hemisphere, in a clockwise direction. In the ocean, and in rivers, water is in constant movement, often creating waves, vortexes and other flow forms, and all of these patterned movements are in response to the forces of nature that are active within the environment. Water responds to physical forces, such as the wind, but it also responds to more refined vibrational forces, such as gravitational, magnetic, electro-magnetic, sun light, moon light, infa-red, and other radiations.The electro-magnetic properties of water have been invisible to scientific enquiry until recent times, but now there are researches in many universities around the world into the extraordinary nature of water. 

Why is all this relevant? We must accept that there are many unanswered questions in nature. We can take a position of humility, and realise that although our telescopes and electron microscopes have opened unimaginable vistas in recent years, there are still many processes that are invisible to our gaze, and many that shall remain a mystery. Let me suggest that although we have discovered the genome, and we are now exploring epigenetics, we are a long way short of describing accurately how an acorn becomes an oak tree, or a fertilised human embryo grows into a human infant. The forces that guide these extraordinary processes will always remain elusive and inaccessible to us, whilst we search only in the realm of matter. 

Water is not only moleclar in nature, but it is also electro-magnetic, and a vortex is a naturally occuring phenomenon, in which the electromagnetic charge within the water is influenced. If you are prone towards an allergic response to words like spirit or life force, this will be challenging for you. But there is strong evidence from a variety of camps, that water carries an animate, or living, quality. It even has memory, as in cell memory. I will post references to the relevant research at the end of this post. But please stay with me, and by all means, post a comment at the end of this article. 

Each moon potion is vortexed in a counter-clockwise direction, in line with the Earth’s magnetic field, on a daily basis, and the plants ferment within the water. During this process, the material dissolves into the water, and many new agents, notably yeasts and anaerobic bacteria, naturally become active within the fermenting liquid. As there are a wide variety of plants within this potion, each one with its own specific niche and properties within the ecosystem, the fermenting potion attracts a wide range of micro-fauna and micro-flora. This microbiome multiplies within the nutrient rich ferment to create a biodiverse concoction.

At the full moon, a portion of this fermenting potion is decanted into the mother tincture, and the rest of the moon potion is applied to the soil. Prior to each application, the potion is diluted further with river water, and vortexed, and then it is liberally shared with the gardens, riverbanks and margins. The process is repeated at each new and full moon, until the complete cycle of the year is captured into the mother tincture, and this is the Thirteen Moons Soil Medicine.

So how does it work?

The Thirteen Moons is a concoction of thirteen different potions, and it carries a rich biodiversity of micr-organisms that reflect the full cycle of life. It is a complete tapestry of information, data, or memory, a kind of philarmonia of life. This memory, or data has been programmed into the fluid itself, during all the stages of preparation and vortexing. The fluid is a mother tincture, and it contains both the material component, in the form of a rich micro-biome, and also the energetic component, which is held within the water. When the medicine is delivered to the soil, both of these principles are active.

The soil is a living ecosystem, and as such it can retain or recover its balance or health, in the same way that any living system can, through a self-regulating process. The Thirteen Moons medicine supports this tendency by innoculating the soil with the rich and diverse micro-biome that was cultured within the medicine.

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Stirring the Mother Tincture

Stirring the Mother Tincture


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