Management Team

There is extensive knowledge of well-being, education and ecology combined with a proven track record for entrepreneurship and project management. Vale das Lobas has four full time employees and a number of contractors and consultants. The number of direct employees is set to increase to 60 by end 2023.

Tony Conway


Holistic Medicine Consultant with over 30 years in practice. Visionary, inspirational teacher, Natural Farmer and innovator in regenerative practices.

Dino Schmitz


Proven track record in senior management positions with a focus on operations, commercial management and project management, entrepreneur and business owner.

• João Bucho, Architecture

• Filipe Neves, Construction Manager

• Patrícia Marques, Construction supervisor

• Rui Araújo, Carpentry & Art Restoration

• Andrew Kennard, Accounts

• Adelino Maximiano, Construction

• José da Cruz, Logistics & Transport

• Tim McMorris, Marketing videos

• Isaura Ferreira, Human Resources

• Zoe Brown, Forestry Intern

The Vale das Lobas project is situated in the parish of Sobral Pichorro, Mata and Fuinhas.

For the last 50 years, rural populations in the interior of Portugal have decreased, as people left in search of more opportunities for their families through education and city life. The current population are a mix of those that remained, and those that returned after a lifetime of working overseas, and some who have come here  recently because it is a beautiful place to reside. Together, they are the guardians, not only of the land but also of the ways and traditions.