Beira Alta

Nature, heritage and culture

The Beira Alta region is renowned for its traditional villages and unspoiled nature, and its unbounded hospitality. It has much to offer, but it has been overlooked and under-developed from the tourism perspective. With Vale das Lobas as your base camp, there will be an almost unlimited number of outings to be made, to market towns, castle villages, nature reserves, cities such as Guarda and Viseu, and much much more…

    Serra da Estrela


    Serra da Estrela, or Mountains of the Star, is the biggest National Park in Portugal, with peaks above 2,000m.

    Fraga da Pena


    A megalithic temple site from the ancient world of the Lusitani.

    Castle Towns

    Ancient castle towns of Portugal, built in the time of the Moors.

    Grande Rota 22


    Pilgrimage routes, linking sacred sites and castle towns, ideal  for hiking, cycling and horseback riding.


    If you would like to support this project with a one-off or a monthly sum, your donation will go towards the forest restoration or the chapel restoration fund.