Camping Park

In the Heart of Nature

Camping Park

In the Heart of Nature

Discovery Realm

Discovery Realm
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The gorgeous, yin-yang shaped bath-house of the camping park. Made with all natural materials, including stone, tadelakt and other lime finishes.

Discover more about the camping park.

Car Park

For storing your vehicle while you enjoy our Discovery Realm through your muscle-powered locomotion.


This is the welcome point. From here you will be greeted by heart-warming smiles and find out about (and book) all the activities that we offer in the valley.

Campervan field

If you have your house on wheels, we have the perfect spot for you to come and enjoy our park!


For big groups, bed-loving guests and/or winter camping, we have our Hostel-style sleeping hut.

Splash Pool

We also love water and to refresh on warm days. We know you do too. Here is our fully natural, spring-fed, plant-filtered splash pool for kids and grown-ups alike.

Tent camping

This could be YOUR tent in a couple of months.

Discovery Pavillion

The venue for gatherings, events, festivals, you name it.


For your own gastronomic experiments, including barbecue of course. Some of the ingredients, of course, might come from your guided walk in the garden!

Hobbit Houses

These Super Adobe houses will welcome all those who want to camp in maximum cosiness. And style.


To cross to the other side. Only people and chickens, though.

Artisan Pool splash pool

Another one! Oh my. Read about it here.

Outdoor eating area

For enjoying good weather while enjoying good food. Fantastic, no?

Horse home


Vegetable gardens

Where all the goodies are planted, cared for and harvested. All for your delight, as well as for the Nature of the valley.

Chicken coop


Pig home


Crop fields

For big crops, such as potatoes, onions, chickpeas, and other (organic) goodies.

Muxagata river

One of the life lines of the valley. It also feeds water into the vortex turbine of the restaurant, producing electricity to power the kitchen.

Bike rental

For getting a faithful steed for your mountain adventures.

The Camping Park is situated in an ancient olive grove, close to the riverside restaurant, with spectacular views and surrounded by nature. There are   exciting nature trails in all directions, including Grande Rota 22, which makes it an ideal starting point for hiking or cycling trips in the Beira Alta region. With use of only local natural materials, renewable energy systems and ecological water and waste management, this Camping Park will be a showcase of sustainable nature tourism. If you enjoy adventure, nature and fun, you will love this Camping Park. You can pitch your own tent or stay in one of the six luxury earth-built Hobbit Houses.
This construction project will be completed by the end of 2022. A big thank you to our amazing team of architects, engineers, and craftspersons, for all their dedication, creativity and hard work.


  • Reception building
  • “Discovery Pavilion” for festivals, events and gatherings
  • Bath-house with a Yin-Yang design
  • Kitchen and recreational space
  • Luxury Camping in Hobbit Houses
  • Splash Pool

Discovery Programs:

  • Hiking
  • Mountainbiking
  • Horse riding
  • Wildlife watching