Eco-dwellings in nature

Are you on the lookout for an investment property, with a preference for ecological and natural building? Then consider an eco-home in the Artisan Village.

The Artisan Village is a fifty acre site composed of riverside meadows, orchards, forest gardens and rocky outcrops with stunning views. It will have 26 ecological dwellings, made up of seven one-bed studios, ten 3-bed bungalows and nine 5-bed villas, build by sustainable construction methods, using natural and local materials.

Each house has been designed for elegance and efficiency, south-facing, with a private garden and spectacular views of the Serra da Estrela mountains. Buyers will be entitled to live as full-time residents, or to rent their home to vacation guests through our booking and rental service. The village includes a reception area, kids’ play areas and a natural swimming pool, and it is linked to  the riverside restaurant by a foot bridge.

1-Bed Studio

3-Bed Bungalow

5-Bed Villa


These gorgeous homes will be built with Compressed Earth Blocks, an innovative earth construction method, with cork insulation and geothermal heating. Waste water will be filtered in reed beds, and captured in lakes, carefully designed into the landscape to enhance biodiversity and provide irrigation. The construction program will begin early 2021, and the houses will be sold off-plan.

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Spectacular Mountain Views from the Artisan Village

Fraga da Pena

View to the North

Sobral Pichorro

View to the West

Serra da Estrela

View to the South