Each of us has a story. It begins with the precious gift of life, a limitless, unbounded self, and a sense of wonderment, grace and magic. From this origin at birth, we begin the journey of emergence, which necessitates a separation and forgetting. We must incarnate into our body, and align with our family, culture, and our unique circumstances. Amongst these “everyday stories” are tales of challenge, adversity and courage, often involving loss, betrayal and injustice; quests to overcome impossible odds in order to survive and thrive; extraordinary personal stories, that have repeating patterns which span generations. Although these stories are often epic and mythical in scale, we, the protagonists, may be completely unaware of our courage and creativity. Some of us don’t even know that we have a story to tell!

By the end of childhood, we have all but forgotten our origin, and we begin searching the outer world, in studies, relationships, work and travel, to find meaning, lasting happiness, and wholeness. This quest for completion, fulfilment, and self-realisation follows naturally from our drive for survival, security and belonging, but in modern society, it is often misdirected towards consumer goals, and we may become lost for decades within a ‘Forest of Illusion,’ tending to others’ needs, pandering to false images of ourselves, utilising only a part of our potential, and unable to grow fully into maturity.

There is an inner voice that calls from deep within us, that is still in connection with the Oneness. It speaks to us through our dreams, through our connection with Nature and via gut feelings and synchronicities. It is patient and responsive, however much it is ignored, disparaged, locked up or denied. The call can take many forms, and arrive in many ways. It can be perceived as an illness, as a crazy or whimsical impulse, or as an impossible desire. It is the call to adventure, to leave the everyday world, and to make a journey across an inner landscape, to encounter our guides and healers, and remember the Self. It is calling us home.

The call to make the “Healer’s Journey” becomes stronger as our normal coping strategies become less viable. Only by trusting our own judgment, valuing ourselves, and discovering our innate power, will we find our way out of the “Forest of Illusion.” As it is a different kind of journey, it requires different ways of seeing. We must listen and see with our ‘inner compass,’ the awareness that underscores instinct and intuition. With this navigation, we can recover lost pieces of ourselves; visions, dreams and desires that we abandoned long ago, because they seemed childish or no longer relevant, or they were tinged with the shadow of shame and despair. In order to survive, these precious parts of ourselves were hidden in a wooden chest in the basement, or wrapped in tattered cloth, and hurled into the river. At the time, the end justified the means, as by burying the wound, we were able to function in the outer world, but all things must pass, and every beginning has an end. The Healer’s Journey is the search within us to remember our lost Self, and to transform the childhood or ancestral wound into a gift, to be rediscovered, and ultimately cherished.

To fulfil your Soul’s purpose, you must transform the wound that you carry from your ancestors, and reconnect with the magic, grace and natural wisdom that is your birth right. The impact of your personal transformation will ripple out through space and time, and affects all beings, without limits. Even those who no longer walk upon the Earth will be touched and changed.

You are subject to the times in which you live, and are being swept along by the currents of history. But you also have an influence on that history. The Earth is in a state of continuous regeneration. ‘Creation’ is not an event of the remote past, but an ever-present reality. At the level of the Soul, you are a thread in the weave of humanity, and your existence is profoundly implicated in the evolution of Grandmother Earth. The manifestation of your soul journey unquestionably impacts upon this evolution. You make a difference.

The Nature Spa is a place where you will naturally and effortlessly connect with your personal Healer’s Journey. Whatever the nature of your suffering, from a diagnosed condition to a feeling of lost direction, you will be revitalised by the healing water, reinvigorated by the natural medicine therapies, and regenerated by the power of nature.

In the tranquil atmosphere of this ancient landscape, you will remember how to perceive with your “inner compass,” and rediscover your Soul wisdom.