Biodiversity Zones

The Vale das Lobas Biodiversity Zones are the cornerstone of our strategy for ecological and economic regeneration. We have developed the following Regeneration Protocol in partnership with The Camara Municipal of Fornos de Algodres, The Hunting and Fishing Association of Fornos de Algodres, and others:

  1. Ecological low-impact dwellings – in harmony with nature.
  2. Organic farming – regenerating soil quality.
  3. No chemical fertilisers, pesticides or GM crops
  4. Water harvesting and sensible water management
  5. Reforestation using native species.
  6. Monitoring and evaluation of progress
  7. Biodiversity Enhancement – supporting eco-systems 
  8. Hunting not permitted – bring a camera.
  9. Integration of traditional wisdom with new innovation
  10. Creating livelihoods on the land

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