Welcome to Vale das Lobas

Well-Being, Discovery and Biodiversity


A place with clean air, natural springs, and traditional farming, where the only sounds to break your meditation are the trickling of water and the buzzing of bees.

An ancient valley with sacred sites from the neolithic era – full of the power of wild nature, where the connection between humanity and nature is still intact, as is the unbroken link to ancestral wisdom.

A place which subtly supports your reconnection with yourself and with nature.

Just being here is revitalising….

Site Plan


The spiritual heart of Vale das Lobas

Camping Park

In the Heart of Nature


Iconic 19th century olive mill

Capela do Girões

A forgotten treasure


Eco-dwellings in nature

Regenerative Agriculture

Farming in Partnership with Nature

Biodiversity Park

A Haven for Nature and Rewilding

Lagar da Ribeira

With the end of 2020, also comes an ending and new beginning here at Vale das Lobas. The...

Rising Evolution in Vale das Lobas

Restaurante Lagar da Ribeira  Spring flowers are popping up in the meadows around Muxagata river...

Hopi Elder Speaks

  "You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and...

Natural Building

All the constructions and reconstructions at Vale das Lobas are being crafted from natural and...

Spring in the gardens

Flowers, birds, butterflies, bees, wild herbs! The Medicine Gardens feel like a veritable paradise...


This message is part a progress report, and part an expression of gratitude. Vale das Lobas The...

Forest Garden

The plan to plant a forest garden in the old vineyard was hatched in 2012. It is a beautiful area...

Biodiversity Park Update

We are thrilled to announce that the Biodiversity Park initiative is now ready to progress beyond...

Biodiversity Park

Biodiversity Park The Vale das Lobas Biodiversity Park is the cornerstone of our strategy for...

First Stone

On 29th July 2019, we marked the official commencement of the reconstruction of the Solar de...


A Guardian is an honorary role. It is an acknowledgement of alignment and a desire to be involved.