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Welcome to Vale das Lobas

Welcome to Vale das Lobas, Valley of the She-Wolf, a nature tourism destination for wellbeing, education and discovery. Discover this beautiful valley which has been held sacred for many centuries and which is full of the power of wild nature. We are regenerating this idyllic location to develop a nature & health sanctuary comprised of a nature spa hotel, restaurant, camping park and artisan village, surrounded by botanical gardens, orchards, vegetable gardens and an expanding biodiversity park.

Where Nature Heals

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imagine a place with clean air, fresh water, and traditional farming, where the only sounds to disturb your meditation are the trickling of water, the call of the golden oriole, and the buzzing of bees. Imagine a centuries-old sacred site, with a powerful natural energy. Just being in this place is a revitalizing experience. The land has only ever been farmed by subsistence methods, and the connection between humanity and nature is still intact, as is the unbroken link to ancestral wisdom. That place is VALE DAS LOBAS.   

This is a place of origin, with a proud culture, strong local traditions and patrimony that deserves to be maintained. Our program will revitalize the community.

This is a place of presence, with natural awe, with the power and wisdom of nature. Our program will regenerate biodiversity.

This is a place of destination, with a vision of reconnecting humanity with nature, for our community, our guests, and for generations to come. Our program will restore health – of individuals and of Mother Earth.


We are constructing sustainable tourism facilities and giving new life to ancient, iconic buildings.

The Grand Opening of the Nature SPA Hotel will be in Spring 2021.

July 2019 – Construction of Camping Park, Restaurant and Nature Spa Begins

June 2020 – Camping Park and Restaurant Opening


Spring 2021 – Grand Opening of Nature Spa Hotel

Summer 2021 – Opening of Artisan Village, Phase 1.

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