Vale das Lobas

Health, Education, Biodiversity


Vale das Lobas means “Valley of the She-Wolves.”

The wolf represents instinct and is a symbol for the healing of the Earth’s eco-systems.

Tony Conway

Co - Founder, Vale das Lobas


The vision

Ecological and economic regeneration; integrating ancestral traditions with innovation; supporting biodiversity, reforestation and the sustainable use of resources; providing  inspiration…

Biodiversity, health, education

The mission

We humans have become disconnected from Nature, we are living beyond our means, and our Earth is suffering. This is our collective responsibility. We must work together to heal this imbalance.

To reconnect humanity with nature

The place

Imagine a place with clean air, fresh water, and traditional farming,  where the only sounds to disturb your meditation are the trickling of water, the buzzing of bees and the herder calling to her goats.

That place is Vale das Lobas

Nature Spa Hotel

Set in 50 acres of terraced gardens and forests that date back to pre-Roman times, with healing waters that flow from ancient water mines, it is a treasure of the ancient world, lovingly restored to provide rest, recuperation and regeneration.

Camping Park

In a beautiful wide river valley with spectacular views and access to thousands of kilometres of nature trails for mountain biking, horse riding and hiking. The ideal “base camp” for your family adventure vacation experience.

Artisan Village

A nature park of more than 50 acres of forests, meadows, orchards, 800m of river bank, and rocky outcrops with stunning views. Twenty-seven eco-dwelling, a restaurant in a restored water mill, with children’s play areas and  a natural swimming pool.

In 2018, we will begin the construction of Aldeia do Artesão – 27 eco-homes built from natural materials in the area known as Palheirinhas. These homes will be constructed with Compressed Earth Blocks, with clay-rich earth excavated from the sacred mountain, high above the valley floor. For more information about this exciting development, click here…

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